We are two Punjabi sisters living in the states with an Indian heritage. After spending years apart cultivating our unique personalities, we have joined forces to share our passion to keep our colorful culture alive. Just like many of you, we have seen our families shop around with difficulty in the past two decades. And we have struggled ourselves to find beautiful jewelry that is hand made in India and easily accessible. There is a huge gap in transparency and supply. With an eye for design and our knowledge combined, we are here to close that gap, and introduce to you NAVELI.


Your special day is just as special to us. Together, Mena and Sonaly, merge our experiences and struggles to create Naveli. We want to bring the breathtaking world of Indian jewelry we admire so much to the states. Staying true to our core, we are only working with small businesses in India and hand picking all the designs ourselves. Whether you are a Dulhan or a guest of a special Indian occasion - we are here to meet all your needs.